talent spot prediction: willie spence

The scandalous school chaplaincy program will be the next to fall. A lot faster than people think.

The simple answer to the pokies / gambling problem for society is to make it illegal to make a profit from gambling directly. Allow businesses to have pokies, but make the odds even for the house and the punter. Force them to make their profits from selling snacks, drinks, etc.

Somatoform today will be looked back on in the same way that we look back on diagnoses of "hysteria", tinctures full of illicit substances and lobotomies. It is a meme that that commits multiple logical fallacies and is unfalsifiable. It's an embarrassment to the industry. Somatoform is not the null hypothesis. It's not the default state. It has a burden of proof that is seldom met. It is the most misdiagnosed condition in history. It usually violates Occam's razor grossly.

Prediction: trump will resign as president around March 2019

Prediction: The removal of single use plastic bags from grocery stores will not be a permanent removal.