gavin newsom + tulsi gabbard 2020. winning combination

Two years ago I predicted that Ivanka Trump would be the vice president at some point. Well, it seems that she is the defacto vice president now.

Thank goodness, google's gone from using esoteric hieroglyphics for labels in their android apps to using words. Symbols will never win. Words are king. They need to stop being lazy and properly translate all languages.

Theory: that asthma rates are high in Australia (and some other countries) because the soil is so deficient in magnesium that the population is magnesium deficient, leading to respiratory issues.

Prediction: Too Many Zooz are going to continue growing at a steady rate until th. They're not mainstream, but they're just too darned good to keep down for long.

I would be willing to bet anything that Dr Jason Fung is correct about weight loss and other issues with insulin, like diabetes. I believe that he, and the many others who believe like him, are sitting on a trillion-dollar medical revelation that could transform the first world and save millions of lives. FASTING is the way forward. And I will test it myself for the next few years.

If I had a billion dollars THIS is where I would be putting a lot of my money (after AI, of course).